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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Still working on rubber stamp designs

I worked on designs today. I think I like two of them the best. I've put in an order, let's see how they come out. One of them is very small 1 x 1, I can use it as I sign my paintings. Another one I will use to embellish packages, etc. Now that I've designed them I can't wait to get them!


Corey Moortgat said...

hey, I think your images translate really well in b/w! You should consider doing a small rubber stamp company! I like the 2 on the left the best-ones that look like xeroxes of your paintings- they're a little more raw looking.

Tara Ross Studios said...

thanks Corey, those are the ones I picked for the trial run. I can't wait to get them!

Abby Creek Art said... these rubber stamps, Tara. And I agree about the black and white thing. Your images look really striking that way.

Carol said...

Hi Tara!
Which one will you use to sign your art with?
Your work is great!

Tara Ross Studios said...

Thanks Carol. Probably the lower left one.