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Thursday, November 29, 2007


I am practicing just living in the moment. Living is not about living in the present in each and every day, but about living in the moment of each and every second. When I find myself in the moment there is great peace, there is just me. I am just me and nothing more.


art spirit said...

Right on! My goal for today,too!
Love your floating girl!

Sweet Petunia said...

Darling picture. I will miss you...perhaps next time we can carpool? Hugs

sharon spotbottom said...

Great reminder, thanks!

sycamore baby said...

found you through ArtbyNorm's blog. This one got my attention right away as it is something I'm "working"on and think often about. Your art makes me smile. My 4 year old daughter asked Santa for bunny slippers this Christmas. He was happy to oblige and I never tire of how stinking cute she is plodding around in those things. Linked your blog to mine, hope you don't mind.