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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Making more stuffies

Can you believe it, it is snowing in Seattle! We are having the weirdest weather, hail, sleet, snow, thunder storms and sun, all within the same day,,,,hour! So, I have been busy inside making stuffies. And,,, here they are. I am really happy with how they are coming out. And, no broken sewing machine needles either! They are made from recycled sweaters, prints of my own art, and filled with polyfill. I will start posting them soon on etsy. I'm not sure if I can part with the first one I made, yet...

p.s. Update....Gerbert (the tallest one) is in my shop


Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi tara! oh you cannot see me but i am jumping up and down with glee seeing your new dolls and how you make them!
i am glad you like emmitt's feeding system when we are gone past his dinner time.

I think it is actually a cat feeder! there are two sides that can open independantly of each other.
they work great!

Syd and Earl "Cueball" McCutcheon said...

Is this the girl who couldn't work 3-D...I hope to see many more. They are great!

Pilar said...

Tara, these are so exquisite. I love what you have done here. You have created a 3D form, which is so spot on with your paintings. Hope all is well, my friend. xoxoxo

Tara Ross Studios said...

Thank you Pilar, so good to see you!!!