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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Getting our plywood cut

Kim and I are taking Jesse Reno's class in Portland next weekend. We purchased plywood today for the class. We get to paint on 2' x 4' pieces of wood. I am so excited, I haven't painted that large before!
Jesse Reno rocks!

Gotta see.....
Jesse Reno video


Kim Carney said...

banner looks great!

Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi tara!
oh! this is so exciting. i cannot wait to see what you create!
you are the coolest!

Binky said...

I's never heard of Jesse Reno. Watched the video and he looks perfect for you. Have a great time.
I also didn't realize Kim was an artist. I decided , from her blog, that she was a computer researcher and photographer.

Kelly said...

so exciting! i'm taking his class here in so cal in august. i hope you have a great time painting big!

Christina Romeo said...

Sounds like a very cool time Tara!!
Can not wait to see your creations..

Syd said...

omg....I am taking a workshop at Carol Parks in LA with Reno!!! Write me all about it! ..or am I taking it sooner than you? I go Aug. 8 9

celeste said...

so exciting. i cannot wait to see what you create and to hear all about the wild abandon that happens with paint for you!