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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

From my archives

Celebrate, Illustration Friday
I created this illustration early in the year for Illustration Friday, it's one of my favorites. I have been busy getting projects done for the final stages of completion. Sketchbook project almost finished, Matchbox works getting ready to be mailed out, and Mail Me Art project almost complete. I hope to finish them all up over this long weekend.
How are you staying creative? Stay tuned...


Georgina said...

Hey Tara, love the little painting...kitty party!! Just too cute!! I'm alone this week since my hubby went to Houston to visit his eldest son and grand kids, so hopefully, I can get some things done today and come the weekend...making gifts now...not to ambitious selling anything now...should be, but I'd rather concentrate on the family and friend stuff.

Micki said...

I love your Kitties!! You sound super organized, I just started my sketchbook project today, my book arrived late last week so i've got to speed up a bit now ;)

Micki x

lee said...

love your painting as usual. Today I am working on finishing stiching up a coptic journal. Happy Thanksgiving.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi tara!
oh it is one of my favorites too!

happy happy thanksgiving!

i am so thankful to have a wonderful friend like you!


The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Hello Tara!

Happy Thanksgiving!!