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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Exquiste corpse, well maybe

(click on photo for large)


Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh my gosh tara!
you are so amazing! i love this concept and your painting!

Christine said...

I love this. And just perfect for days when one feel a bit upside-down

Micki said...

These are wonderful, i've never thought of splitting a painting up like that, it looks great!!

Micki x

nollyposh said...

Soooooooo adorable <3

Tara Ross Studios said...

thanks so much. I am hoping to make some more then I can mix and match them.

B Zahn Griffith said...

I love your site. I am an artist - landscape and work mostly in pastels; some acrylic and print making. I would like to put your blog info on my site and wonder if you would do the same for mine.
I live in WA state as well; occasionally have pieces of art in the Seattle area for shows. Liked the article in Artful Blogging. You did a nice job with that.
Bonnie Griffith
thank you!!

Lisa said...

So would love to buy one, have u posted them on etsy yet?!

Tara Ross Studios said...

Hi Lisa,
I haven't posted this one yet. You can email me at tlrossco at yahoo dot com

Pilar said...

The exquisite corpse will drink the new wine! Bravo!