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Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I visited the Tacoma Glass Museum a couple of weekends ago. The museum itself was closed but the walkway bridge to the museum is always open. I feel if you see this you don't even need to go to the museum. These photos are taken looking up into the ceiling of the bridge. Isn't it amazing! I could stand there and look up forever.

Click on the image to see the LARGE version, amazing!


sharon spotbottom said...


Abby Creek Art said...

His work is so amazingly beautiful...thanks for posting those pictures, Tara.

Love your "Float" painting! xox

Ruth Welter said...

Tara, great blog, enjoyed my visit. His work was at the NY Botanical Garden last year and it was stunning. I enjoyed my visit so much when I saw his work that it prompted me to rent some of the dvd's that Net Flix has of his work, just stunning beatiful. Thanks for sharing.

art spirit said...

Beautiful! We must visit the museum on our next trip up your way!