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Friday, May 29, 2009

My pattern for a new hooked rug

I thought I'd like to make a larger hooked project this time, so I am going to make a rug. Here is my pattern for it. It will be fun,,,, and of course I will be using bright colors.

I then drew my idea on Monks cloth. All ready to start! It will be 19 x 26, that's big for me, since my rug hooked projects are smaller and usually stuffed, like the rug hooked dolls I make.

Maybe I can start hooking this weekend. Til then...


Lisa said...

I love this is going to be fabulous once you are done hooking it! Do you use different wool when doing a rug?

Tara Ross Studios said...

Hi Lisa,

How are you?

Just regular wool. I have various places I get it from. I will be using lots of colors.