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Thursday, September 10, 2009

This pulls at my heart

"Typically, when elephants are in captivity, they're under a lot of stress," Blais said. "Their entire life is abnormal; it's unnatural, and that can often lead to aggression.

"Some will resign themselves and just kind of end up in this blank space, and others will act out, just venting their frustrations, but it's because of what captivity offers or what captivity doesn't offer them."

Here is the complete article.


The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...


We have three elephants here in goshen CT. A friend of mine worked in the circus with them and took care of them. I don't like the idea of elephants being in the circus. A lot of these animals are treated badly and they deserve a home where they can roam their territory without being placed for our intertainment. Anyways this was a touching sweet video!!

art spirit said...

Great video Tara, so glad there is a Sanctuary for these beautiful animals. Funny that one is named Tara!