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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vacation in St Pete's

I think the most amazing thing about St Petersburg in Florida is the clouds,,,they are amazing. They bring on sudden thunder storms and you can get caught in a storm before you know it.
The beaches have sand as white as I have ever seen! This is in Clearwater which is about 30 minutes from St Petersburg.
And, of course there is always time for working in my journal!


The Dreaming Bear said...

You lucky duck!!! Looks like you are in heaven! Good for you! Your journal pages are always lovely, but do I detect something even more lively in them while you are near the beach? :-)

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi tara!
oh what a magical vacation!
thank you for taking time to share it with us!

art spirit said...

Love your new journal vibrant...glad you are having a great vacation!

Dyche Designs said...

It looks beautiful there, what wonderful inspiration to draw from.

Tara Ross Studios said...

Thank you so much. The storms that roll in and out are amazing!

I am happy to be able to spend so much time journaling,,,,,,,,away from everyday chores at home!