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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More art journaling

I created this little owl in my small leather artist journal. I am using a few rubber stamps to add just the right touch. The words "take note" is a rubber stamped image. I used gesso to cover up the old design.

I am using a small face as part of the design on the right for this page,,, a small element that doesn't take over the whole drawing. I like that!  I added some journaling thoughts after I completed the drawing.

I incorporated my rubber stamped image in the design of this drawing, see how her hands are part of the rubber stamped image?

I am still working in my small leather journal. (see previous posts) Adding lots of new elements, gessoing over the old, and painting new images. My favorite art supply right now is gesso!  I am really loving the way my new/old journal is turning out!  More pages are coming soon.


carmen said...

Tu libro de artista es una preciosidad.Me encantaría poder hojearlo.

Ophelia said...

Awesome journal!!

lilly said...

Your work is so very beautiful x

Helmi said...

Beautiful book. Thanks for sharing.