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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My collab with Syd

"You have my heart"

  created by talented artist Syd
If you have been following my blog for a while you will see that I am doing an art collaborative journal with my friend Syd. I am so lucky to have her work in my journal. We have been working in our journals since last year. It is really fun, no stress of time frames, we just create in them when we can and exchange them back and fourth every couple of weeks. When something comes up in our lives, the journals go on the back burner, but we have no expectations of each other, or time deadlines, and that just works out so great for me. I am on "task" now, and will be sending my journal to her every two to three weeks. That seems to work for us! Syd is so talented but, you really have to know her to know that. She is so busy with life, but her artwork shines through. Syd.

4 comments: said...

This is a fabulous art journal project.
Love how 2 creative people are sharing their creative journey :]
Thank you for sharing this :]

The Dreaming Bear said...

Indeed! She is very inspiring, as are you!!! What a great project to bond over.

laurie said...

how fun to have a like-minded, creative friend! :-)

Sonya Batten said...

What a great idea! I am in a journal round robin at the moment with about 10 people but I love this long term one on one commitment you have. Would love to do something like that in the future.
Come visit my blog to read about my round robin Im doing at the moment.