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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Throw me a life raft

Throw me a life raft

This was how I was feeling the other day. Dark cloud over me, feeling like I was defeated. As I was painting the image of a life raft came to me. I added it as the last thing I painted. When I start a painting, I never quite know how it will end up looking, but it is obvious that our paintings are extensions of ourselves. My paintings have a voice of their own. ( I don't feel like that anymore :) .


Courtney said...

your art journals, always bring a smile to my face, it's so beautiful to see other journal keepers at work, there is something so magical about it.
x Courtney
Little Raven Ink

Clare said...

she looks like i feel today - ha ha - glad you don't feel like that anymore - theses hope yippee!

Jenny Stevning said...

I'm glad you are feeling better! Ironically, when I first saw the drawing and hadn't read any of the copy, I thought that was a hoola-hoop around her waist and she was exhausted from playing.

laurie said...

i have days when i feel like this, too! i love your page - it speaks volumes!

Tara Ross Studios said...

Thank you so much.

Jenny, I think I like the hula hoop interpretation better!

xo... said...

Love to visit, always.
You brought a smile to my face today... thank you! :]
Your journal pages are fantastic, can't get enough of your talent.
Take care!