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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Present

I created this on a 10 x 8 canvas. I used acrylic, and graphite and small bits of collage from an old masonry catalog. I love how to make a collage piece with editing software called Picnik. The canvas I use is Resin paper. I love the feel of it with several coats of gesso on it. It almost feels like a soft leather. Try it if you haven't used it before. It can be found at any hardware store.


elojocadaver said...

me gusta el estilo y la textura que genera la técnica que has utilizado :))

Anonymous said...

Hello! You are a great and talented artist! I also have posts about drawing on my blog, if you want to have a peek?

Have a wonderful day!

Ciao Bella!

Bella Bliss

Clare said...

I just love these - the colours and shapes work so well together.

Fourborne said...

I like the pale color of this face.