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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New work

I have been working in my small leather journal again. This journal is great to work in, as I am re-doing every page I have done before. That is painting over the old stuff, and bringing in my recent style over the old. I purposely allow some of the old paint, words etc, to show through. It adds lots of interest. I love the size of this journal. It's 5 x 3 approx.... Small enough to carry around and work in when the inspiration hits me.
This page is done with acrylic and graphite. xoxo


Jess said...

What a magical little book filled with such treasures. I prefer to have one this size too as it feels more intimate and of course easier to transport around. Over the last year I tried an A4 for a change but now I've gone back to my usual size and I'm much more comfortable. :)
Jess xx

cath said...

i like your journals, but how do you make them? do you customise them? the paper/pages seem strong with overlaying of paints. :)

Briana, MA said...

I love, love, love your journal! I love it when you share these little peeks.