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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Artist block,,,,again?

I can't tell if I am having artist block or I am just having fun participating in other activities in my free time. Creating art is lower on my priority list right now.   I have been enjoying the fall by bike riding, walking by the lake and the Burke Gilman trail, gardening, visiting friends, and the list goes on. When I feel like I can't seem to motivate myself to create art, I start with a simple exercise of creating collages. I find myself tearing pages, painting backgrounds, ripping, gluing, collaging pieces onto the background,,, I just keep moving through this exercise until I can "free up" my inner artist. I find images I like and just start gluing them down to the page. In this case, I am using my journal. A place where I am free to try new things.

After my collage exercise, I started this page in my journal. I freely cut the pages into a simple shape and started to paint an image. This is the VERY rough draft of the starting of a painting.... I'm on a roll now,,,,,,,

What do you do to rev-up your creative spirit?


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