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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


When thought and experience become one, consciousness has changed.

If enough people (projections of ourselves) are aware of the harmonies of peace in the universe layers, conflict and fear can diminish.
All is constructed by thought. ~Bob Toben


Jenny Taylor said...

Beautiful and inspiring. Both the quote and the artwork. I love the abstract feel of it. It's very fluid and free. I bet that was a fun piece.

Lorraine at Pushbubble said...

I believe this to be so that our thoughts create our world. If we can think good and loving thoughts, truly there will be a change. I think healing of mother earth can take place.

Your painting inspires.

Jean Hart said...

I found your blog in Artful Blogging, and you do not disappoint. I love your fun art and young spirit.
I too am an artist, if you would like to know more about me I invite you to my website.
I will be back often
Thanks for the inspiration.

La Cenefa said...

Hermoso blog
Hermosos trabajos!