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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Journal pages

Here are two more pages that I created in my artist journal that I am doing with my art buddy Syd. We are doing an artist collab of sorts, working in journals to each other and passing them back and fourth after we complete a couple of pages. This journal will be ready to mailed this week. I can't wait to see Syd's journal!


Briana said...

I really love the page with the girl with the red lips. The lines across the face and the "fly" in the upper right corner add a lot of interest.
Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a really fun project!
Smiles to you!

helen said...

your drawings are so cheery - they make my day!

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Your journals are always so deliciously colorful so vibrant and full of whimsical fun. It's so nice and fun to get lost in your work truly inspirational!!!!

Mua to yoU tARA!


Tesa González said...

Thank you for visiting my blog-site. Yours is also fantastique! I´m glad for meeting you! Regards from Spain.